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The Industry Services Division facilitate and regulate the construction industry by setting standards, providing advisory services, facilitating alternative dispute resolution procedures, conducting technical auditing & researches on construction economics, and registration & monitoring of Qualified Persons & designating Identified Construction  Works. Activities of this division extent to the stake holders of the construction industry, such as Clients, Consultants, Contractors, Policy Makers, Investors, Planers etc leading to the development of construction industry.  These activities will be aimed at regularizing, harmonizing, systematizing of construction activities making the construction industry effective and efficient. While promoting and facilitating local consultancy services and work of locally registered contractors, this division will also assist in promoting and facilitating them to undertake construction work overseas.

The Industry Services Division consists of two sub divisions. They are Advisory Services and Construction Economics Services.

  Advisory Services is a combination of technical, contractual and construction management activities covering investment and management work. Both public and private sector Clients increasingly look for clearer interpretation and advice on contractual matters.
  Activities of Advisory Services sub division are:
Conducting Technical Auditing, valuation at forfeiture and stage-managed contract close out.
Coordinating with relevant agencies for Setting Standards.
Preparation & upgrading Technical Specifications for construction works.
Providing expert opinion on specific issues, claims and disputes arising in the public, building and civil infrastructure projects.
Interpreting and advising on the application of CIDA Standard Bidding Documents.
Conducting Continuing Professional Development sessions, seminars & workshops on industry related subjects.
Advising on commercial and contractual issues, claims and disputes arising in the public, building and civil infrastructure projects.
Providing advisory services related to dispute settlement in construction contracts and projects acting as a facilitator and evaluator.
Providing of mediation services in construction.
Administering of the CIDA Pool of Adjudicators and nominate adjudicators for the disputes referred to by disputants.
  Construction Economics is the process of economizing construction process from project initiation to completion ensuring practical and sustainable financial decisions are made throughout the project.
  Activities of Construction Economics sub division are:
Advising on procurement strategies for construction and maintenance work and engagement of consultants, experts and institutions in special assignments.
Advising, educating and training the industry on the application of CIDA price fluctuation formula method.
Publishing the Bulletin of Construction Statistics carrying price indices of major cost significant construction materials, labor and plant.
Providing project management, advices related to procurement process and consultancy related services on chosen small scale projects, and project recovery services.
Preparing and publishing and revising (when necessary) CIDA Standard Bidding Documents and Guidelines.
Interpreting and advising on the application of CIDA Standard Bidding Documents, Standard Methods of Measurement and various other publications issued from time to time.
Conducting research work on construction economics related to building and civil engineering infrastructure construction projects.
Registration, appointing Credential Committees, standards to be adhered to by Qualified Persons, conducting investigations against Qualified Person and maintaining records on the Identified Construction Works will be carried out by the Director`s Secretariat.
  Construction Industry Development Act No - 33 of 2014  
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