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Introduction of Relief Measures for Registrations-Board of Management Decision 21-01-4.4 of Board me

27 01 2021 - 15:00 PM

Notice to all CIDA Registered Contractors

Introduction of Relief Measures for Registrations-Board of Management Decision 21-01-4.4 of Board meeting 01/2021 held on 27.01.2021

Avoiding discrepancies in slicing of Contracts with restrictions to certain limits which might hinder upgrading opportunities of contractors

It has been brought to the notice of CIDA,a recent scenario on unjustifiable slicing / packaging contracts on large scale by the Road Development Authority has been a barrier for them to fulfill the requirement of upgrading. After an analysis it was identified that in the 100,000 km Local Bank funded rural road project (LBFP), this strategy has been used for fast tracking the Procurement procedures where Rs. 50 and 250 million packages have been offered in large scale.

As such CIDA Board of Management has decided to offer a relief measure to absorb such aggrieved Contactors based on following conditions, on case by case basis.

  1. Applications will be called till 31.12.2022 from the Contractors who have carried out RDA projects ( LBFP / i-Road etc., where similar packaging has been made), to apply for upgrading to Highway for C3 submitting the relevant project details, valued between Rs. 40 to 50 Million.

  2. Qualification requirements to be placed in C3 such as Financial and 50% of the 5 year total turnover shall be fulfilled. QMS certification (ISO 9000) requirement and Permanent Staff possession shall be fulfilled within the grace period. As such the incumbent Contractor can operate with the staff on Consultancy basis during the year under observation.

  3. Registration will be issued strictly for a grace period of 01 year and during this period the qualifications to remain in C3 shall be fulfilled. If the requirements have not been met at the end of 01 year the contractor will be downgraded to C4.

  4. Applicants shall submit the project Completion letter issued / endorsed by RDA along with the respective Application for upgrading.

Eng.(Professor) N.T. Sohan Wijesekera,
Construction Industry Development Authority.

Published on 10.03.2021



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