Construction Industry Development Authority

State Ministry of Rural Housing and Construction & Building Materials Industries Promotion


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Ref. No. Name of Publication Price with Taxes Rs.
ICTAD/ID/04 Guidelines for the Preparation of Bill No. 1 – Preliminaries for Building Works [2nd Edition – June 2009] 625.00
ICTAD/ID/11 Guidelines for Site Investigations for foundation of Buildings (1994) 1,000.00
ICTAD/DEV/12 Guide for Operation of Metal Quarries 625.00
ICTAD/DEV/15 Guidelines for Interpretation of Site Investigation Data for Estimating the Carrying Capacity of Single Piles for Design of Board & Cast In-Situ Reinforced Concrete Piles [2nd Edition (Revised) – January 2011] 625.00
ICTAD/DEV/20 Guidelines for Internal Installations (Conduits. Cables etc.) in Multi Storied Buildings May 2006 650.00
ICTAD/CM/01 Guidelines for Effective Construction Management [1st Edition – August 2005] 2,000.00
ICTAD/CONSULT/02 Client Guide – General [1st Revision – August 2002] 450.00
ICTAD/CONSULT/03 Client Guide – Selection of Consultants - [1st Revision – August 2002] 530.00
CIDA/ID/10 Guidelines for Registration, Grading and monitoring of Main Construction Contractors (English) 680.00
CIDA/ID/10 - Do - (Sinhala) 680.00
CIDA/ID/10-S Guidelines for Registration, Grading and monitoring of Specialist Construction Contractors (English) 680.00
CIDA/ID/10-P Guidelines for Registration, Grading and monitoring of Piling Construction (English) 680.00
  1 Guidelines for Prequalification of Contractors 170.00



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