Construction Industry Development Authority

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Finance Management Division

The core functions of Finance Division include preparation of monthly & annual accounts, annual budget, and effecting staff and other payments inclusive of government taxes, coordination of government audit maters and other management information reports.

The Finance Division of the Construction Industry Development Authority is responsible for the provision of financial facilities required by different Divisions of the Authority. Accordingly, the Finance Division holds the responsibility of providing financial facilities for the approved Programmes and Projects which are in conformity with the Budget and the Annual Action Plans. The maintenance of the Financial Reports including the provision of Financial Reports and Progress Reports from time to time has also been assigned to the Finance Division and it also functions as the custodian of its funds inclusive of the Investment Management activities of the Construction Development Authority.

Record keeping in relation to the controlling of the total income of Rs.707.68Million including a sum of Rs.100.47 million received as government grants in the year 2019 and the total assets to the amount of Rs.1,600 Million is another major responsibility assigned to the Finance Division. Finance Division provides financial facilities for activities that are necessary for the accomplishment of the performance of every Division of the Authority.


The Sub division deals with a financial administration system to provide timely accurate financial information while assuring integrity and promoting accountability in order to optimize utilization of financial resources, monitoring of income and expenditure targets of each division to sustain the financial stability of CIDA as per set annual budgets and managing funds and stock & capital assets management and carries out in –depth study of the stock movements, relating to all stores of CIDA.



This Sub division deals with manages CID Fund for activities prescribed in the Act and provides timely accurate financial information relevant to CID Fund. Also provides Equity, Assets and liability management in order to obtain strong finance position of CIDA.


Staff of Finance Management Division


Services of Finance Management Division

Financial Control of the Authority (Section 25 of Part IV of CIDA ACT.)

  • Preparation of Budget.
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements & rendered to audit.
  • Investment of Money.




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