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How to apply

CIDA Construction Excellence Awards (Building Projects) - How to apply

Applications are called annually through news papers. The contractor should submit his application in the prescribed form together with a comprehensive report describing project under the following sections identified.

Key Areas Considered for Allocating Points for the Construction Excellence Award


Head office organization

  • Engagement of sufficient personal to undertake responsibilities.
  • Records keeping and reports from site



  • Pre Planning
  • Security, Welfare and Safety measures.
  • Materials and goods procurement systems
  • Records; Progress attendance. Test reports Forecast schedules, Laboratory tests.
  • Quality control measures.


Final Product

  • Care of finishes
  • Knowledge of good standard detailing.
  • Evidence of supervision and good workmanship.
  • Consistency of quality of workmanship
  • Elegance of the finished product
  • Timely completion


Other matters

  • Introduction of New and appropriate technology to local construction industry
  • Complexity of the project.


Key Areas Considered for Allocating Points for the “CIDA Construction Award” for Civil Engineering Projects

  • Head office and Site organization
  • Project Details
  • Work Systems including project financing mechanism, Planning , Project Control etc.
  • Research and Development, Market Studies etc.


Key Areas Considered for Allocating Points for the “CIDA Awards for the use of Innovative Technology/Techniques in construction”

  • Identification of the problem
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Optional Approaches
  • Identification and Arrival of Innovative solution and Methodology for costing, Time saving ,Enhance Quality.
  • Implementation of solutions in Arrangement of resources, Guidance in implementation process etc.

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